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Images of America

American images started business as SkyPix in 1979 and changed its name in the late 1980's. This video was produced in the early 1990's, and even though nearly 30 years old and very dated, it still illustrates the major details of our company. Our number of satasified clients has more than doubled since the production of this video and we have gotten even better at what we do. Our company has withstood the test of time and with 40 years of experience and technological advances, we are still unmatched by any company in this industry.

40th Aniversary 40th Aniversary


American Images Custom Aerial Photography® has been providing aerial photography since 1979. Originally founded under the name Skypix Inc.(and New Horizons in select areas), the company regrouped and changed the name to American Images in 1987. We listened to what our customers were saying and introduced the custom aspect in early 1990. Rather than doing random flyovers, we began to notify potential clients when we would be coming to an area. Only those that sign up for the program are photographed based upon their instructions. This novel approach has helped us grow into the largest custom aerial photography company in the nation serving 46 states. Our office is located at 2600 S Galvin Ave in Marshfield Wisconsin.


Since the custom program had never before been tried on a large scale, many discoveries were made simply through trial and error. American Images has been able to maintain a core group of employees and independent contractors that have been with the company since the early '90's. Coming from many different walks of life, together they offered a wide variety of knowledge and experience. With a hands-on management style, they were able to develop and refine the custom program and continue to do so today. Additional key people have also joined the team in the last 8-10 years. They have been responsible for updating our technology and helping improve our systems to enable us to remain forerunners in the industry. Honesty and integrity are key elements in our success. From the employees that answer the initial phone call to the production workers that ship the final product, we have been fortunate enough to have people that take pride in their work and care for our clients as well as the company. Our top priority is to continue to be known for our superior quality, unique product line and personable customer service.


What is the purpose of our business? Many times throughout our lives, a property becomes a significant part of our daily routine. Whether it be a family farm, our home, or a successful business, an aerial photograph symbolizes that particular stage of our lives, flooding us with memories. An aerial photograph can also depict the fruits of our labor in many ways. As time goes by, properties mature, change and undergo new generations of ownership. We've found that the sentimental value attached to these photographs often grows with age. We've produced thousands of portraits and products for over 500,000 clients accross the U.S. Like all of those clients, why wouldn't you want to record that part of your life? Our goal is simple - preserving memories, documenting changes, showing progress... capturing that moment in time for you.

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